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Alina M. Moleta


Senior Event and Design Coordinator, Alina, joined the Ana Cruz Event Planning Team  in 2005 and has been an amazing asset since day one. Prior to joining our team, she had designed and executed several events on her own. In addition to working on amazing weddings, Alina specializes in Quinces and unveiling events. Her logistical and communications skills, creativity and work ethic make her an extraordinary member of our team. She has a wonderful personality and always enters a project with excitement and contagious enthusiasm.

As the company's Event Specialist, Brianna is intimately involved with every project the company takes on.  She works closely with Ana Cruz on all of the details leading up to each event and is frequently on site to manage those events.  Brianna often serves as the liaison between Ana Cruz and all vendors hired.  Her excellence in customer service and her engaging demeanor make her a favorite among our clients.  Her smile is contagious and her love of what she does is evident. 

Brianna Nellon

Kari Lawry

The Vice President of Business Development, Kari has been part of the Ana Cruz Team since the day the company was started.  Based out of Detroit, Kari manages our Midwest clients looking to have events in Miami and the Caribbean.  In addition, Kari manages all of the speaking engagements and apperances for Ana Cruz while she continously creates and manages partnerships with other companies looking to work with Ana Cruz Event Planning.

Yselande Pierre

As Director of Education and Community Outreach, Yselande is always seeking opportunities to involve our company in educational endeavors in the world of hospitality.  Her talents extend to event planning as she is also one of our lead coordinators.  She is currently completing her doctoral degree in Adult Education and Human Resources Development.  Her infectious smile and amazing rapport  with clients make her  an invaluable member of our team.

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